Chef Roger Shakes was previously head chef at  ‘Mango Room’ in Camden Town where he cooked for stars, heavyweights and luminaries from around the globe.

Originally from Westmoreland, Jamaica, Roger came to London in 1999 where his first employment in a restaurant was washing plates. Learning from the chefs around him and combining this with the culinary skills passed down from his grandparents, he soon realised his talent for food and the joy of feeding others. Rising to become head chef at ‘Mango Rooms’ he has spent decades perfecting Jamaican classics such as Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken which now sit alongside new favourites such as his special Pork Ribs and vibrant Vegan Curry. 

Over the years he has enchanted a loyal following with his easy-going charm and authentic Jamaican flavours. Striking out on his own with ‘Roger’s Kitchen’ he hopes to bring Caribbean food to a new audience with passion and panache.